Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is a research-based qualification on which students largely work independently, though with the support of an Experienced Project supervisor who will offer guidance and advice throughout the process. Students choose a topic of personal interest, research and draft a specific title/project aims and design and plan a project that will achieve these aims.

In terms of their projects, students have a huge range – the most important thing is to select something that interests them! Students can choose to produce a 5000 word written report or shorter report supporting an artefact (e.g. a design work, textiles project or a piece of creative writing/music). At the end all students give a short presentation on their project to a small audience. Recent projects have included the following: Can music be used to help people with dementia? Is Man’s current relationship with dogs unethical? Where would our society be without the primes? Artefacts created by students can practically be anything! This year they include:

  • a play at the Edinburgh Fringe
  • a charity video to support the Mityana Uganda charity
  • a graphic novel about modern plagiarism
  • a photography portfolio exploring how to express emotion
  • a food blog

Before beginning his or her project, each student also undertakes an initial taught element which introduces and develops the skills necessary for a successful project. This is delivered by the supervisor through EPQ lessons.

The EPQ is a Level 3 qualification that is equal to half an A-Level and attracts UCAS points (A*=70). Leading Russell Group universities are unanimous in their support of the EPQ and encourage discuss their projects in personal statements where they can be used as part of the rationale for making offers.